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An astronomer by any other name

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. In that time a lot has happened. At the end of March this year my contract as the Deputy Gemini Scientist at the Australian Astronomical Observatory ended, and for personal reasons (not least … Continue reading

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Is there a planetary system around tau Ceti?

If you heard about the (proposed) tau Ceti planetary system late last year, then chances are you would believe that there are five planets orbiting this bright star with 100% certainty (note the “starchild” video embedded in this story), and that … Continue reading

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to School Visits: Fit the First

I recently read a post over at Galileo’s Pendulum that discussed the most terrible scientific talk ever. There are many general lessons that one can learn from the post, and I already try to avoid each of the things that Matthew … Continue reading

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How many stars can you see in the night sky?

The real answer to this question depends of course on where you are when you’re looking – and it can be quite depressing. But this is an “out of the mouths of babes”-type story. Up to now I’ve focused on dealings with … Continue reading

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Why there’s no such thing as a stupid question

One of the reasons I love speaking to people about astronomy is the range of questions I get asked, from the basic to the obscure. I speak to a lot of people: many school students and amateur astronomers − they’re … Continue reading

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