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The Blue Gem Charity Christmas Concert – 9 Dec 2012

I’ll be narrating the first half of the Blue Gem Charity Concert this year at the Forum in Leichhardt. I’ll be speaking on all things astronomy, and then the great Nadia Piave will narrate all things gastronomy! My two favourite … Continue reading

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The importance of the amateur scientist

Public outreach is really enjoyable, but it can be time consuming. If you’ve got a supportive workplace where these efforts are valued then great, but a lot of places don’t value outreach, and it won’t help you land a job, … Continue reading

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Science spinning out of control? A planet by any other name

I’ve already ranted about science by press release, but another effect that seems to be on the increase is the situation where a press release is issues making a claim that is not really backed up by the science it’s … Continue reading

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