Public lecture – From Planets to Starquakes: A new view from the Kepler space telescope

Okay, shameless plug time.

I will be giving a free public lecture at the University of NSW this Friday. Here are the details. If you’re in Sydney, please come along and say hi!

Title: From Planets to Starquakes: A new view from the Kepler space telescope

Where: Physics Lecture Theatre, Old Main Building, UNSW Kensington Campus (near Gate 14, Barker St) Map

Date: Friday September 14th 2012

Time: 6:30pm (Refreshments served from 6pm)

RSVP: Register via the UNSW Science Events or via Facebook facebook (for catering purposes)

Enquiries: Please contact us.

Cost: FREE


Finding new planets is big news. The more planets we find, the better the chances for life elsewhere in the Universe, and the closer we are to answering the ultimate question: “Are we alone?” Going to space has had an enormous impact on this quest, and the Kepler spacecraft is leading the charge. It stares at one patch of sky, patiently waiting for a star’s light to momentarily dim as a planet passes in front of it. As a bonus, we can also measure millions of tiny “starquakes”, allowing us learn a huge amount about the stars themselves using the tools of seismology. In this talk I will discuss the tremendous leap forward in these fields that Kepler has enabled.



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I'm an astronomer and science communicator, these are my adventures. Views posted are my own.
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