Fly me to the Moon…

There are some questions that come up a lot in astronomy outreach with kids, and this is about one of them. The question is “have you ever been to the Moon?” There is a variant: “have you ever been to space?” I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to primary school students without someone asking that question. And high school students seem ask a different version: “do you want to go to the Moon/space?”

Somehow it’s too hard to break it to them that astronomers and astronauts are not the same thing. I don’t think there’s ever been an astronomer who’s been in space… and there was only one scientist who went to the Moon. (Neil Armstrong was an engineer.)

And then I always end up with this in my head:

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I haven’t been to the Moon, but if someone wants to shout me $200,000, I’ll happily fly on Virgin Galactic… after Richard Branson gets back safely.

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I'm an astronomer and science communicator, these are my adventures. Views posted are my own.
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6 Responses to Fly me to the Moon…

  1. nidhay says:

    would u like to go to the moon?

  2. nidhay says:

    i knw astronomers do not go to the space. the ones who go are the astronauts. but if u get an opportunity to go to the space then will u go?

  3. nidhay says:

    ya, its too expensive and so risky. after all, kalpana chawla died in an space accident while entering in the atmosphere because of a small fault. if the flight members would have had the shuttle checked then there would have been a chance of survival. a stich in time saves 9. hope sunita williams become successful the second time!

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